What men like to say about my big boobs while having phone sex

As a bi girl myself I am super into big tits and huge dicks. But that said I would trade 100 cocks for big juicy tits any day. I am totally in love with my big boobs and like it when my clients talk about my big boobs or anyone’s big boobs for that matter. While some like Greg wants to know if I like to flash my boobs others like Mark like to know how many boobs I have sucked. And since I have enough experience flashing tits, sucking other boobs, and getting my pussy fucked hard and good I have quite a lot of stories to satisfy every thirst.

Greg calls in every other day and his favorite topic is my big boobs. This is how a typical hour with Greg goes Greg- You naughty bitch, tell me about your big boobs. Me – Yes Greg, my boobs are super big and tight. Do you wanna touch them? Greg- Yes baby, I wann touch and squeeze and suck them. Tell me who touched you big boobs and fucked you for the first time? Me- Oh! You are making me wet, just thinking about my first fuck Greg. The first guy to ever see my boobs and fuck me was my best friends step dad who was twice my age at the time. Greg - Yes!! I knew you were a horny bitch. You let your best friends step dad suck your juicy boobs and fuck you? Me- Oh! yes Greg. I was in college at the time. Me and my best friend Nina lived on the same street. Her step dad, Ted was 40+ year old handsome man. He likes to fuck around. As long as the women are above 18 and below 60 years of age and ready to get fucked, he just likes to slip his dick into their pussys. Women love him and it is a well-known ‘secret’ that he has fucked most of the women around the block. It was the holidays and I was feeling horny. I was alone at my house and knew Ted would be alone at his too. So I went to his house in a crop top and mini skirt and asked him direct if he wanted to fuck me. He was like waiting to hear me say the magic words. He slipped his huge cock out right then. I immediately rolled up my crop top and my huge awesome tits where revealed. He immediately launched to suck and lick them and then slipped his dick in between them and slid it to and fro. Then he took off my skirt and slipped his big cock into my pussy and fucked me with my legs in the air. Now there I lay with my huge boobs out of my stashed up crop top getting fucked by my best friends step dad on his dining table. Greg- Oh yes, baby yes I am cumming. I am cumming. He continued after stopping to take a gulp of air. I will fuck you just like he did. I will fuck you like a bitch with your big boobs out for everyone to see. Me- Yes Greg, fuck me, fuck me. One day you will fuck me Greg.

Another of my big tits man is Mark. We have grown accustomed to each other so well that there are no more pleasantries when mark calls. We slid straight into action. Mark – How many men have seen your horny boobs and sucked them you bitch? Me - Oh Mark, so many men have sucked my boobs and fucked me that I have lost count. Mark – Oh you are a dirty bitch who like to show your boobs to anyone that asks. Me- Yes, Mark I am a dirty bitch who shows her boobs to anyone and everyone. Mark – I know you have a very good neighborhood where anybody can walk around half or full naked and fuck or get fucked by anyone at anytime they want. Now go to your window pull up your top and show off your boobs to everybody in the neighborhood you bitch. Me- Yes Mark I am now at my window showing off boobs to anybody who wanna watch. My whole neighborhood is full of horny men and women who would like to jerk off to seeing a girls big boobs out of her window. Mark- Touch yourself and show them the big boobs you have. Me- Yes, Mark. I am touching myself. Men are on the streets looking at my boobs. Some have already taken their cocks out and are wanking them watching my boobs. Mark – Oh yes that’s a good girls. Let them wank and jerk off and spread the streets with their cum, watching you touch your boobs. Me – Yes Mark they are jerking off watching me squeeze my boobs. Mark – Yes, bitch. You are letting all these men to jerk off watching your big boobs. You are relieving their itch. Yes! Oh yes bitch!! Yes bitch yess!!!! You have made me come too thinking of men jerking off watching your boobs. Before could say anything else mark would have disconnected the call. He is like that, no ‘Hi, How are you’ or ‘Thank you, bye, bye’ . All he wants is jerk off his load taking dirty about my huge boobs and no other baby talks. That is why I like about him. I would like to get fucked by him like a bitch one day. He would call next week at the same time with some other kinkier tasks for my boobs.

Jared is someone who always likes to hear about the lesbian side of me. Jared- Have you sucked huge boobs of other horny girls like you bitch? Me- Oh yes, my dear Jared. I suck big boobs everyday. I suck my girlfriend’s boobs fuck her almost everyday. Jared – Tell me how you press yours and your girlfriends boobs together. Tell me how she sucks your big boobs. Me - When I go to her place to fuck her she will be there, sitting on her bed, topless, waiting for me. I remove my skimpy top and start touching her boobs. She starts sucking my right boob while squeezing my left. I get on my knees and press both her boobs together and suck both her nipples simultaneously. She moans while I do it. Then we both fuck each other with a dildo and the go to sleep topless. She sucks my tits before we sleep and in the morning when we get up my tits would still be in her mouth. That is a horny sight to watch. Jared - You are really two horny cunts. Next time I will join your fuck session and fuck you both in your hot cunts. Me- Yes Jared we would love you to fuck our tight cunts and suck our big boobs. As you all know, I am a girl of my word and next time I went for a fuck with my girlfriend, I invited Jared. He sucked our big boobs good and rammed both of us pretty nice and tight. So, any of your fuckers wanna get off talking about my big boobs, call me right away. I am waiting here topless ready to take you into the fantasy world. Love you all. Mwah.