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I love my job as a phone sex operator. But what I don’t like about this job is that I can’t flaunt my big tits and ass in front of my clients. All I can do is express them in words. But atleast something is better than nothing, right. ? Since I love bog tits I have a secret crush towards all my clients who are into big tits as well. I love it when they talk about tits.

Hazel is a lovely client. She is busty girl with huge tits like me. She is a VP of a famous Tech Company. Her favorite hobby is getting fucked by her secretary and her Janitor on her office table. She often tells me stories of how she lays on the table as her janitor fucks her pussy while her secretary fucks her mouth with their huge cocks. She calls my cheap phone sex number every other day and we get off each other. She is also a tit girl like me. She likes to talk about tits more than anything. Hazel- Jen do like you flashing your tits like me? Me- Yes, Hazel. I do love flashing my boobs. I go to the flash and splash zone every now and then . (flash and splash zone is a designated area in our town where girls who like to flash their tits and even wanan get fucked can go and boys who wanna have a tit show and fuck girls come. The best thing is this is a designated area only for such horny people. No one else comes there at any point of time.) Hazel – Oh!Yes. Tell me more. Me – Yesterday I went there coz I had wanted my pussy banged by a huge cock. When I reached there, there were many girls already flashing their tits. Some had worn mini skirts so short that it was only between her navel and the starting of their pussy. The cleavage to her pussy was clearly showing. Some girls were bent down and were flashing their pussys and hanging big tits. Hazel – They have the itch to get their cunts filled with cum. Me- Yes they have. I join the girls and roll up my T shirt and reveled my big tits . There are many men who have gathered to watch the show. Some are taking rounds in car and some are walking enjoying the tit show. Some are throwing flowers at us while some are splashing beers. I slowly start rubbing and squeezing my tits. One girl is enjoying getting fucked in moving car. Half of her body is inside the car and the upper half starting from her big boobs are outside the car. She is getting fucked real hard and her huge tits are banging on the door of the car. She was screaming. “Yeah I am getting fucked by my boyfriend’s best friend in the back of a moving car. Yeah, Fuck me, fuck me like a bitch.” I couldn’t contain my thirst and I insert my 2 fingers in my pussy watching the guy fuck the girl and her banging tits. Then a guy approaches me, takes me behind the bush and fucks me hard just like I wanted. I then walk home with my T-Shirt still rolled up and my big juicy tits uncovered for everyone to see.

My new client Kyle wanted to know if I have flashed my tits in my college. I tell him yes. And go on to tell the story about how I flashed my tits to my professor. Me- I had a professor who was known to be super horny. One day I asked him if he wants to see my tits and fuck me. He said yes. The next hour he comes to classroom. I am sitting in the last bench. The 4 seats in front of me are vacant, so I am the only one sitting in the last 5 benches. It’s a huge class with around 100 students. It’s more like an auditorium. The professors have to use microphones and projectors to take class. That hour he was showing us a short movie related to our subject. Everyone was watching it. When he was sure that the whole class was totally immersed in the movie, he walks towards me. The moment he reaches near me I unbutton my shirt just enough to reveal my big boobs. He touches them and squeezes them. He asks if he can take a picture of my boobs. I say yes and he takes the picture of just my big boobs. He then unzips his pant and takes out his cock. It was huge . He then places it over my tits and takes a picture of this cock laying on my big tits. By this time the movie was about to end and he zips up his pant and I button my shirt and he returns to resume the lecture. That evening he came to the class room when everyone else had left and I was alone in the classroom. He then projects the picture of his penis over my tits on the projector on the 100 inch wide screen. To see my own huge boobs and his cock on a 100 inch screen was so horny. He fucked me in the classroom looking at the picture on the screen.

Matt is another of my client who is into tit talk. He likes raw, rough, hard sex just like me. He is more into women who he can fuck behind a trashy bar in a dark alley, laying her in doggy style on a dirty trash can, with her huge tits out than someone who he can fuck 7 star hotel suits. This is how a typical convo with him goes. Matt- Bitch, how big are your boobs? Me- They are bigger than any you have seen Matt. Matt- You have spread your legs to a lot men to have gotten those big tits bitch? Many have squeezed and sucked those cunty boobs, right bitch? Me- Yes, Matt. I spread my legs for every guy I see and allow everyone to touch my tits. That is how it has become so big Matt. I just love when men touch my boobs and fuck me just because they like my boobs. I always look forward to talking to Matt about by tits. I love all my clients especially the ones that are into big tits. Speaking of which, today I feel like flashing my big round tits. So I am gonna head out to the flash and splash zone. So it’s bye for now. Wish me luck. See you all later.