Why it's awesome to have big tits. What men like to do.

Tits and Butts are the talk of the season, every season. Each of my client is different and everyone has different kinks. Some are into big tits and ass but some love fucking small tits. I am a girl who is into boys and super into girls as well. I love big tits, whether it is on me or on other girls. Big tits are pure awesome. So I understand why guys like bit busty tits. Every time a client calls in who loves big tits and wanna dirty talk about it, I am more the one who is excited than they are. I even signed up to get calls from a granny phone sex line, as those guys are usually into big jugs, even if I'm younger than that. One of my favorite big tits talk client came in last year. He always tells me he wants to fuck my tits. It was a cold night and I was alone in my apartment as was day dreaming about heading toward the pub with my girlfriends to get our pussys fucked hard when the call came in. His name was Neil and the first thing he asked after the intro was that if I had big tits. I knew at that point that the night is gonna be fucking great.
Me- Yes, I have huge tits. I am sure you will love them.
Neil – Do they fit into your bra
Me- No. Half of my boobs always flow out of bra coz all the bra sizes are too small for my huge boobs.
Neil- Do you jiggle them when you walk?
Me - Yes they jiggle Neil, they jiggle up and down when I walk.
Neil - Do you always wear a bra when you go out?
Me - Sometimes I don’t.
Neil – From now on don’t wear any bra when you go out. And wear a tight low neck top so that half of your tits always show out of your dress and everyone can see your hard nipples through your tight dress and they know that you are horny and wanna get fucked like a bitch. Can you do that for me Jen?
I answered squeezing and pinching my tits aroused by what he said- Yes, yes I can do that.
Can you lick your tits for me Jen- Neil asked
I looked at the mirror that was in front of me and lift my left tit with my left hand and started licking my own tits and suck my nipples.
I said- Yes Neil I am sucking my tits and nipples and I am looking at the mirror while I do that. This is very horny, Neil.
Neil- Yes, that’s like a good girl. Suck yourself you nasty bitch.
His every word made me hornier.
Neil –Now slowly slide your hand down to your pussy. Pull your wet panties to the side and insert your fingers in your pussy you bitch.
His command made my pussy ache for his hard penis inside me.
I slowly insert my 2 fingers in my wet pussy.
Me- Ah.. yes, I have inserted my fingers in my pussy. Oh!!! Ahhh!!
Neil – Now take that sweet pussy juice and brush it all over your big tits you cunt.
I removed my wet fingers from my cunt and brushed my own pussy juice all over my tits.
Neil – Now suck the pussy juice from your own tits, bitch.
I supported my right breast with my right hand and slowing put my nipple into my mouth and tasted my own pussy. It was pure heaven.
I was licking my own pussy juice off of my big tits on a strangers order.
Neil (his breath becomes irregular. I know he is starting to jerk his big cock). – Oh bitch how does it feel to suck your pussy juice from your own tits?
I answer still sucking my tits- Yes I love it. I wish you were here fucking me while I suck my own tits. Oh! I am loving it.
Neil – You are one horny bitch. You always want to fill you pussy with cock. I bet you can fit 2 cocks in your pussy.
Me- Yes Neil I can fit 2 cocks in my pussy and 2 cocks in my mouth at the same time. I can fuck 4 guys at the same time Neil. I would like you to fuck me with 3 of your friends.
Neil – Oh, horny bitch you are gonna have fun now. Grab 2 of the thickest dildo you have and insert one of it into your pussy.
I immediately jump out of my chair grab the biggest, thickest dildo I have, insert it into my deep cunt and set it to vibration.
I moan in pleasurable pain
Neil – Now lie down on the bed and spread your legs like you always do for every guy you meet and place the other dildo in between your big juicy jugs you horny fucking cunt.
I was getting hornier and hornier every time he called me a cunt.
I placed the other dildo in between my tits just like he said. My tits were so big that the dildo stayed there as tight as it would have inside a pussy.
Neil – Now close your eyes, spread your legs and imagine that a guy is fucking your pussy and I am fucking your tits. Imagine it is my big dick that is between your tits.
Me – Yes Neil, your thick big dick is between my tits and you are fucking it. Your friend is fucking my cunt hard and good. Yes, Neil fuck my tits like that Neil, fuck harder.
Neil – Yes bitch, I am now fucking your tits hard and fast and my best friend is fucking your pussy.
The vibrator in my pussy was working magic and I was about to cum anytime.
Me- Yes! Fuck me harder Neil. I am about to cum. I am about to cum.
Neil – Yes bitch I am fucking your tits faster, faster and faster. You are a real cunt. You can take many dicks at the same time. You are a real fucking cunt.
His voice told me that he was also about to cum anytime.
Neil-Yes bitch, You scream as you come on to my friend dick. Right then he cums and splashes all his juice in your horny cunt. And I squirt my cum onto your huge tits and into your wide open mouth. You swallow every bit of it like a bitch you are.
Yes!! Oh my!! Oh my ! I am cumming – I shout
I am cumming onto your tits you cunt – I hear Neil shouting over the phone.
Neil continues breathless- Now my friend takes his dicks out of your pussy. Both I and him ask you to suck our dicks together.
Me- I wanna suck both your cocks together.
I take out the vibrator and insert it again as I see there is more to COME .
Neil- A lusty smile spread across your face and like a good bitch you take both our dicks together into your mouth and suck them, while I squeeze both your tits. You drink every drop of cum off both the cocks.
Now that we have satisfied our thirst, me and my friend get dressed and leave, leaving you with your legs spread wide open lying on the bed with cum in your pussy, on your huge tits and in your mouth. You lick both your tits one by one and swallow my cum off it. Then you insert you fingers in your cunt and take my friends cum and brush it on your tits And you suck all of that with your tongue from your tits.
Me- Oh yes Neil I am tasting a stranger’ s cum off my tits. Yeah Neil I am cumming I am cumming again.
Neil- Then you go to sleep on the bed filled with two strangers cum all over the bed and inside and on your body.
Normally it is the client who thanks me for a fantastic night, but in this case I had to thank Neil for the awesome night and for making me cum twice. We joked about how he could be a good phone sex operator and that I should be the one paying him for the fantastic night.
I have had many awesome clients who were into phone sex, before and after Neil, but he is by far the best.